Smooth Continuity

The desire for an “open floor plan” is on the rise and a rather popular request from our homeowners.  The flexibility this design lends is often ideal to accommodate the fullness of our everyday lifestyles---from rushed meals to long discussions, tackling the family bills to gathering and entertaining with friends and family.  This versatile flow offers so much and really makes the walls that surround us feel like HOME.  It seems some of the most meaningful conversations and wondrous gatherings take place in these very spaces—it’s no wonder why our homeowners are so intrigued.

Here in our latest model plan the main floor has a very open feel as soon as you walk into the home.  The entry, great room, dining room and kitchen create one mass space but serve as individual spaces as well.

The home and these adjoining spaces is where life happens.  Having such spaces so grand in size allows as many or as little amounts of activity to take place—all at one time.  These spaces as a whole provide service, comfort, function and flexibility from the moment we enter the front door.   

In this pic you can see how the kitchen, dining room, and great room are all one space.  But as this space became furnished each space took on its own identity.

On another note, incorporating an open floor plan does not mean that each space can’t have an identity of its own.  From a design perspective you want your spaces to have subtle differences but talk to one another and allow for smooth continuity.  The best way to work with spaces that don’t have architectural boundaries or that are free flowing onto the next space is to use one consistent wall color throughout.  Once your spaces have structure or a grounded feature, accent colors can be applied.  Accent colors can be achieved by applying a new color to a focal wall of that particular space or through the room’s accessories.  Spaces can take on their own unique look simply by placing one accent color in one space and another in the next.  The key however is having a palette that allows coordination or flexibility for colors to come together thus making a pleasing first impression to the eye as a whole.

As you can see in first pic--the great room followed by the dining room and kitchen.  Each space is fashioned to coordinate with the next thus making all flow and very pleasing to the eye.

So indulge—and if you find yourself under pressure to make your house a home through reflections of your lifestyle—connect with us.  Great design. Great quality.

Happy Home.  Happy Life.