A Place to Call Home: Indiana in the Fall

I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.  ---Ann of Green Gables

There is something about the fall season, here in the state of Indiana, that puts a spell on you.  The kaleidoscope of color as you peer out the window is truly breathtaking.  There is something about the unexpected rain showers and the way rain drops add vibrancy to the leaves.  The crisp smells of wood and leaves burning, crackling, and crunching.  Its as if it is natures statement---a bold & colorful finale for the year.

And with that said, inspirational palettes come about from the season to drive design inside and outside of the home. The fall season introduces palettes of soft neutrals---pale greens, grays, browns and creams to bold reds, oranges, yellows, and purples.  It is an intriguing palette we seek to add to our homes this time of year.  As it offers a sense of coziness, an inviting attribute, and sophistication.

In spirit of the season, I stumbled upon an article that gives some great tips on how to fulfill fall design style for the exterior of the home.  And while it is specific for such, they present as great ideas to also bring inside the home.  Please find the link below:


And now that you have had a chance to ooh & aah---Here are some ideas on how to bring fall inside the home...

. Gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescape!
How to make a paper feather wreath #wreath #fall#paper
Nature will always be our infinity.  The imperfect perfect, flawed but still worth loving.

Happy Home.  Happy Life.