Unexpected Twist

Today - writing as a mom - Ever have one of those stop in your tracks -tickle that life can change in an instant moment. We'll here's mine.

Last night - rounded up the gang for a dinner out to celebrate summer. All is bubbling along- appetizers are plenty and greasy - kids are filled to the gills with free refill strawberry lemonade- wine is chilled and just right .... when out of the corner of my eye- I see a flash and then a yelp for help. Unknown to me , the kids moved off the tick tack toe board to other games- the Blink Game - where brother and sister were taking turns making each other blink. Brother had swiped the utensil roll- and with a flick of the wrist had impaled sis - as the knife flew out of the paper roll and into sisters forehead.

What they tell is you is true- head wounds bleed alot - and we had a pumper . Needless to say we cleared the dinner guest around us . A good Samaritan nurse came to our aid and organized compression while I began to swoon. She calmly got myself and my family back in check, controlled the bleed and sent us on our merry way to the ER. A quick bit on Bondo glue and all is well and good- she is now a real Harry Potter look alike.

So - kiss the kids - give the extra squeeze, take the time , stare into their eyes, tuck in your ornery teen - as you truly never know.

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