A chance to share a project -   One of my favorites -- architectual renovations like these are the best.  Good to Great .  In this project my clients loves homes -- their stories- their character - their function.  A place for everything and everything in its place where smaller partitioned rooms for every family purpose was the motto. 

 However after living in her new home space for a few years........................

The challenge -- 
The need to integrate gathering spaces around the kitchen which would allow for better flow and natural light.   

We had to achieve this goal by integrating old and new spaces seamlessly.  Our goal , no one could tell we were there.  So unlike a traditional reno, where you tear out and start from scratch, we had to engineer new structural and mechanical solutions that tied in.  The finishes had to have a reclaimed and re-purposed approach -- as all the existing finishes were fantastic, style appropriate and virtually new.  Matching and tying all together was the biggest design challenge.     

Our new spaces were recently photoged by Brian McGuckin - of Brian McGuckin photography -- he's fab to work with !

Spaces Before 

Spaces Now 



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