Entry Before & After

       The Importance of Arrival Space
The arrival space often sets the stage to charm us and leave a lasting impression.  The linking of spaces upon arrival allows us to move with ease and fluidity while feelings of comfort and safety overcome one as they connect to the space.   Many times we find our hectic selves entering, setting our things down and walking away.  Should this be the case we are left with nothing but clutter. ---And who are we kidding that is no way to make a first impression.  
 The entry serves purpose---a grounded location where eyes begin to wonder as far as justifying what was just endured to what one may soon encounter. 
Often times entry spaces just simply need a splash of color, texture, and a soothing light---and organization of course.  In the project we just completed we took a very drab looking entry and gave it character.  We simply added a mirror--allowing filtration of light, area rug---adding texture as well as subtle color, and lastly some simple accessories.  We gave the entry new life which  allows the arrival space to relate to the rest of the home.  And by all means now makes a great first impression.  We are so pleased with how the space turned out.



 You see its simple---the feelings of you as well as your guests begin at the door of the home so be sure to set a mood worthy of the character of the rest of your home, leaving impact instilled in all who enter.  Happy Home. Happy Life.

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